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"Inside Afghanistan" written by John Weaver illustrates his great trust in God and be a relief worker in helping Afghanistan people. Though the terrible tragedy happened in New York on Sept. 11th, 2001, he still chose to stay behind and serve for those innocent lives in Afghanistan. After reading this book, I truly believe that with God's grace, we can do everything.

First, the author flashes back the story to two days before Sept. 11th, 2001, the beginning of the diabolical days. The political situation became instable after General Massoud, the "Lion of the Panjshir", was murdered by terrorists. Massoud's death might be the end of resistance against the Taliban. "...he couldn't understand why a rich America...didn't care enough to help them clean up the mess the war they sponsored had created." (Weaver, 5) Weaver here shows his irony feeling to the political situation and care for human lives. Though Weaver has strong faith to God, he sometimes wonders why God let Middle East people suffer, why not support and give them hope.

Then the time came to Sept 11th, 2001, the horrible tragedy. His mother country was under attack by terrorists from the land he's helping. I believe that Weaver had hard time and mixed feeling facing the situation. The dilemma he met is somewhat I can not image. "Is there really a better or safer place in the world than inside Afghanistan?" (Weaver, 15)

Next part of the book, Weaver talks about his turning point and road to Afghanistan. The author describes how God goes into his life and make changes. Eventually, Weaver understands and responds to God. At the same time, he feels sorrow of the imbalance world. In my opinion, this time is a great turning point of his life. The author starts not only thinking...