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The Drug Enforcement Agency, or simply DEA, is one of many federal agencies which fall under the Department of Justice. As the name implies, the DEA is mainly responsible for combating drug use and trafficking throughout the United States and beyond. The DEA is responsible for enforcing the laws and regulations set by the Federal Government upon persons and organizations involved in any growing, manufacturing, distribution, or use of licit and illicit drugs. Further load is lain upon the DEA to support non-enforcement programs aimed at reducing the availability at said substances on the market.

The Drug Enforcement Agency is not only comprised of field officers who perform raids on drug houses. It is a multi-faceted agency which houses investigators, lawyers, special agents, aviators, chemists and researchers, fingerprint analysts, information technologists, and a population of pencil pushers from human resource departments to accounting specialists. Each department within the DEA has it's own function to ensure the needs of the agency are met.

As with any agency, the backbone of the DEA is the field officer. From the valuable intelligence retrieved by field officers, investigators and prosecutors are able to gain information on major violators of controlled substance laws. Some of the other responsibilities include:Investigation and preparation for prosecution of criminals and drug gangs who perform violence in local communities and torment citizens with fear and intimidationWork with all levels of citizen management to maintain a national drug intelligence programSeizure of assets used in the performance of drug traffickingEnforcement of the Controlled Substances ActCooperate hand in hand with the various levels of law enforcement in an effort to enhance abilities to investigate and act upon drug trafficking offensesCoordinate with other municipalities and countries an effort to reduce the availability of illicit drugs in local markets.

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