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Inside the resort

Good morning/afternoon class. Today Shayne and I will present you with a resort set on the gold coast called 'Heaven on the beach'. I will speak to you about inside the resort and Shayne will talk to you about the surroundings of the resort. We chose this name as it is like heaven on the beach with the resort offering a range of first class accommodation, an array of sporting facilities, a superb dining restaurant and warm Australian hospitality. The tourist sites around including Dreamworld, Seaworld and all the other water parks where you can visit at your own leisure.

'Heaven on the Beach' is simply somewhere very special - a unique Australian island experience. Just over two years 'Heaven on the Beach' has picked up a number of awards from national tourism, architectural and environmental bodies and, in that short time, has become regarded as Australia's finest and award winning resort.

For couples or families, 'Heaven on the Beach' Resort offers 'first-class freedom' - the freedom to explore popular tourist sites, to be adventurous or to do absolutely nothing but relax and put your feet up.

I will now talk to you about inside the apartments!

Every apartment has its own private balcony where you can relax and take in the beautiful surroundings and warm sun. You can also marvel at the beautiful city lights at night in the distant trees and islands on the beach. Enjoy a quiet drink as the sun slowly sets at the end of a wonderful day. What more would you want on a holiday?

A room with a view? How about 330! Every room offers marvellous views. Settle in and relax. Adjust the air conditioning to your comfort, and plan your Royal Pines Resort experience. Your room is your very...