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Passion in a cold world

The story takes place in a large city. It seems to be London as red double-decker busses, are shown in the areal view of the city, in the beginning of the short film. Now we move down from the areal view to the streets. Here the camera is focusing on details and it is zooming in on the feet or the faces of the pedestrians. It seems that the camera should emulate the human eye, so the viewer gets a feeling of walking amongst the pedestrians'. Here we encounter a man trying to collect signatures from bypassing pedestrians without much luck. At one point he walks around outside a clothes-selling store. Inside the store a woman is dressing the mannequins in the window. The man catches the girl's eye through the window while she is hiding behind a mannequin.

After the first encounter the man and the girl seem to be flirting with each other. The man is entertaining the girl by suddenly disappearing and reappearing shortly after. In addition the man is doing different sorts of clowning in order to entertain the girl.

At one point the man fakes a collapse and lies on the ground for a few seconds. However none of the busy pedestrians who pass by him pay him any attention or help him. People seem to be to busy minding their own business and there seems to be no caring for people who needs it. In the very end of the short film the man and the woman is once again hiding from each other. They are walking from one side of the window to another to find each other again. However they do not meet again and...