An insightful autobiographical incident!

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One Moment of Truth

One day late in the afternoon, I was lying on the couch as usual, watching TV and looking at the window in the corner of my bedroom. There was some silly show on, the main character was a Don Quixote like degenerate talking about how the world could be saved with his preposterous plans like building windmills all over the plains of every mountainless country to generate energy for our ever-increasing appetite for electrical power. The cretin was shouting all through the show propagandizing his evil proposals. The world as I saw it was fine as it was. Outside the window of my bedrrom some smiling birds were swinging by. The color of the bedroom had recently been painted blue and white, creating an illusion of patriotism.

As the day progressed and everything else went downward, the flickers on TV seemed to fade away into a dark alley where the tomcats hang out with the pussycats.

There was a blackout! "No, this can't be," I thought,"there hasn't been a blackout since the sun came up in the great big skies." Well, as you can imagine, I had to sit through darkness of my bedroom waiting for the light to come back on. Outside everything seemed to have brightened up all of a sudden. The sunset was lovely as always. The dogs and cats were all running out of their alleys to salivate in the last rays of sunshine. Cars were zooming by on their way back from work.

It was in this semi-darkness I realized something I had never given a good thought before. I realized my parents had not paid last past months' bills and this was why I was standing in this darkness. "What am I gonna do now?" I asked myself. Well, I...