"What insights have you gained through the exploration of the human condition." 'Remittance Man','Woman to man' Judith Wright, 'Enter Without So Much As Knocking' Bruce Dawe,'Cloudstreet' Tim Winton.

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Detail the insights you have gained through the exploration of the human condition. Make reference to three set texts and one text of your own choosing.

The Human Condition is a vast genre that encompasses what it means to be human, our experiences as humans and our place in the world. Aspects of our humanity are that we achieve unity through love and that the trials and troubles of life are about self-knowledge -a journey to discover spirituality, and awaken spiritual insights. In addition, it is like-second nature to most humans to conform to the expectations and etiquette that the society in which we live generally confines us to. These ideas about our humanity are the intrinsic expressions poetically portrayed through a series of texts by Australian Authors. Judith Wright's 'Remittance Man', and 'Woman To Man'; Bruce Dawe's 'Enter Without So Much As Knocking' and Tim Winton's 'Cloudstreet'.

They explore, through a variety of different contexts what is means to be human, and how we are all united through the underlying power of love.

Wright articulately explores, in the poem 'Woman To Man', that the whole of life is a journey that we humans make, gradually emerging from darkness to light, from blindness to insight, always striving for knowledge. The voyage of a "selfless, shapeless seed", a child forming in the womb of its mother of, and the whole concept of child-bearing, are seen as analogies for letting the trials and troubles of this world be journeys for self-knowledge, and avenues for self-discovery, wherein we can rekindle our spiritual insights. The unnamed protagonist of the poem, the pregnant lady allows the child, the 'third who lay in [her and her partner's] embrace' to complete them, being '[his] arm', '[her] breast', and 'their eyes'...