Inspections have a purpose. These attain more importance when related to safety of human life, and productivity of a unit. Discuss

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Inspection is one of the best tools available to find problems to answers assess their risks before accidents and other loses occurred. A well-managed inspection program can meet goals such as:

Identify potential problem that were not anticipated during design or task analysis because they were overlooked, but when you inspect the workplace they are more apparent.

Identify equipment deficiencies among the basic causes of the problems are normal wear and tear and abuse and misuse. Inspections help managers find out if equipment is getting worn out to a substandard conditions.

Identify improper employee actions since inspections cover both conditions and practices they help leaders spot substandard methods and practices that are not safe and can cause accidents

Identify inadequacies in remedial actions remedial actions are usually taken for a specific problem. If they are not adequately developed they can cause other problems. If they are not adequately implemented the original problem recurs.

Inspections give follow-up and feedback regarding how well the remedial actions are working.


Need for Inspections

· Loss exposures are created by the day-to-day activities in any type of organization. Equipment and facilities do wear out. At some point, wear and tear makes the risk of accidents too high. Inspections are needed to detect such exposures in a timely manner. In an industry the conditions keep changing like people, equipment, material and environment are constantly changing. Some changes remove previous hazards other create new once. Inspections focuses on these changes and help identify and solve problems.

· Safety and health legislations required organizations to provide employees with a reasonable safe and healthy place to work. Accidents stop work. Hazards and clutter slow people down. Even if there is low risk it can irritate the employees, as they have to pay attention on that as well...