Who is inspector Goole? Discuss the role of inspector Goole and the effect he has on the members of the Birling family.

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A 20th century drama written by J.B.Priestley. Middle class boy who experienced the life of the working class people. These experiences had influenced J.B.Priestley to expose exploitation and torment in one of his plays called An Inspector Calls. An Inspector Calls was written in 1945 in just one week, during the Second World War. Most of Priestley's plays are about middle class people, partly because theatre audiences were generally middle class and so they could easily perceive the characters. J.B. Priestley wanted to make his characters to appear genuine, to do this he provided the characters a recognisable social background, a relevant environment and some elements of the past life. Life back then wasn't all innocent, as there were many strikes and neglect (politics).

The play, which holds a family, know as the Birlings, play a main role, as they are the ones who are being questioned by the 'mysterious inspector', was set in the industrial city of Brumley, a place that didn't exist but was invented by J.B.Priestley. What made a town well known was having an indication of a Lord Mayor and a police force with its own Chief Constable. Arthur Birling, a 'man of business, was Lord Mayor two years ago when Royalty visited' the family. Arthur Birling felt that him taking part in the local politics would have meant that there was 'a very good chance of a knighthood' for him. Men like Arthur Birling may have come from humble origins but their wealth allow them to rise up the social ladder. This could be a way of Priestely putting his views about prejudices and a short message that money can turn you into something you're not.

To confirm that many women who were poor and were in need of help, was suggested from...