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The Strongest Person

Everyone has an important person in their life.A person who has shown them how to do things whether it be dancing,cooking,drawing or even just given them love. I have a person that has shown me so much and has done more then I can repay them for. That person is named Edit Mendoza and she's my beautiful mother.

I may be friends with people who don't always make the right choices and try to suck me into their plans; but thankfully I have my mom who is always there for me and gives me useful advice so I can make positive choices. My mother has always given my brothers and I freedom to o out with friends but, we have to be back at a reasonable time. A good thing about my mom is that she has so much trust in us that it makes my brothers and I unable to do anything illegal or "stupid".It

influences me positively because it would kill me to see my mom's hurt face if I do something wrong. During my friends birthday party they all kept influencing me to drink alcohol. They kept saying they wont tell and my parents will never find out. The only thought that came to my mind was my moms disappointed face and my freedom all gone. Needless to say thanks to her advice about peer pressure I was able to say "no" to my friends.

Like the rest of her family my mom is not tall or skinny. In fact she's a bit of the opposite being short and curvy. That doesn't stop her from being confident and proud. My mom might not be like a model;tall and skinny but, she sure does knows how to be confident and make someone feel special...