Installing Whiteboards in Classrooms

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What is an interactive whiteboard? An interactive whiteboard is a white big panel which you can display the computer screen. The interactive whiteboard comes with a touch sensor pen which you can use to write or move the arrow by writing on the whiteboard. There are two types of whiteboards. One is a soft panel type whiteboard which is very expensive but is easy to use and doesn't take much space and this is used in many places. The other is a hard board type which is cheap but takes a lot of space and has to move it around all the time.

The question is do you need whiteboards for classrooms? I think the answer is yes. I know it's very expensive to buy interactive whiteboards and many people say you can use the money that you bought for other studying materials. According to the National Centre for Technology'Some suppliers supply specialized software packages to suit either Primary or for PostPrimary schools.

Boards range in size from 35 inches (diagonal) to 78 inches (diagonal) and normally cost in the region of €1500 - €3000, including controlling software. Most boards can be fitted to a moveable stand, costing in the region of €300, enabling access in different locations, or can be wall-mounted. Some suppliers provide integrated, wall-mounted projectors, bringing the total guide price to €6,000 (including installation). Given the price variations it is essential to seek best value by obtaining quotations from at least three providers. Note that these indicative prices do not include the price of the computer itself. Infra-red Interactive whiteboards are the least expensive option. Such systems can be purchased for under €1000, with the school providing its own board and projector.'But I think if you install an interactive whiteboard into classrooms it will shorten up the...