Instant communication systems encourage people to form hasty opinions and give quick replies rather than take the time to develop thoughtful, well reasoned points of view.

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In today's world, ones life has been made easier with the development of instant communication systems. People can communicate with each other despite of their physical distances and to any part of the world. Now communication systems have become one of the basic needs of the contemporary society. Such easy access to instant communication makes the people to take quick decisions and give quick replies. Following are the reasons that will strengthen my belief.

The first reason for my belief can be stated as, the communication systems are encouraging people to communicate more and express instantly. For example, in many organizations and corporate offices, people take part in phone conferences to discuss issues. Since the systems have become easier to access and prove cheaper when compared with the past, people use it extensively to communicate. Now those people on the phone conferences have to give their suggestions and have to reply quickly for the on going discussion.

Sometimes these types of discussions provide the best solutions for the critical issue as they are pooled up from various persons. This strengthens my belief of using instant communication systems.

The second reason for my belief can be stated as these instant communication systems are making whole world globalized. For example, as it is easy to receive and send data, people through out the different countries try to get offshore business. Lot of companies is also outsourcing their work to the companies throughout the globe. The first one are using the communication systems to earn more money and get better returns, while the later one are doing so to get the work done at cheaper rates. This again strengthens my belief.

As compared to the other side of the statement, sometimes-instant communication systems used for giving quick replies becomes unfavorable,