Instant replay in football.

Essay by tylercrandall4444 December 2003

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The National Football League get rid of instant replay unless it helps reverse 75 percent of the plays that are challenged in the next two years.

1.Because I believe that the referees are being paid to do their job and should not be questioned for the calls they make. The call they make is what they see and it will also help keep the game keep its speed. I have seen it hurt a teams momentum because of a challenged play took forever to figure out.

2.a. It helps refs not have to be perfect.

b.Can help get rid of momentum.

c.Can decide if a team wins or loses.

d.Makes money for teams because can charge more because of instant replay.

e.Is right most of the time.

f. Makes the game more modern, unlike the past. Gives a team who could not overcome a blown call in the past to have a chance still at winning.

3.a. Refs get paid to make the calls.

b.Ruins momentum of game.

c.Can make or break a game.

d.Cost more money which makes the fan have to pay more to go watch.

e.Still can be wrong when used.

f.Takes away from the game, not the same as it use to be. Was better when calls were blown and the team that was better would overcome them no matter what the call was.

4. One reason it is hard to decide is that the situation has helped out lots of teams, but also it has hurt lots of teams. It is hard to get rid of technology that is supposed to be helping the refs and the game. Technology is not always better for everything though. 5. The short-term would either help a team win...