Instructions on how to fix a locker jam!

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"Oh no, my locker is jammed!"

High school has its ups and downs. My goal is to help you with one of the downsides and give you an advantage over the average Joe. One of the most frequently used objects in high school is the locker. Some people are blessed with wonderful fully functional lockers, while others, like me, for the past two years have been cursed with damaged and unforgiving lockers. If you happen to be cursed like me, or just get in a fix every once in a while, this guide will help you impress you fellow locker mates by teaching you how to quickly and efficiently open your jammed locker and avoid any undesired tardiness. I have drawn out for you three different techniques to try and to master, depending on the situation.

The first objective, after unsuccessfully opening your locker, is to spot the problem.

Examine your locker closely. If you see a foreign object protruding out, a jammed locking mechanism, or the locker is just stuck, then follow these steps. Carefully and precisely enter you locker combination, making sure that every digit is exact. Once this is complete, tug upward as hard as you can on the black plastic unlocking unit underneath the combination dial. While still holding up, try and pull outward to swing your locker open. If this doesn't work, either repeat with less pressure, or if you are willing to chance it, pull off this next stunt. Look around carefully for administrators, authoritative figures, or anyone that could get you in trouble. If none are spotted, make sure your combination is entered and the unlocking mechanism is raised. Then, using all your strength, quickly deliver a hard kick with the sole of your shoe while pulling out. You may have...