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Keeping things warm

Aim: To find out which of these four materials is a better insulator to water under the same conditions for 5mins the materials are Bubble wrap, Aluminium foil, Cotton wool and Tissue paper.

Prediction: I predict that Bubble wrap or cotton wool will be the best insulators due to the fact that they are thicker materials. Bubble wrap also has thick holes, which will trap the heat, but cotton wool is the thickest material so I think that cotton wool will be the best insulator.

Plan: For this experiment I will need to get all my required equipment. I will have too had the same amount of water at the same starting temperature. The same length of each material and the tin must be covered same length down with each material otherwise it wont be a fair test, the test should also go on for the same amount of time.

For carrying out this experiment we will also be required to consider all the safety issues such as wearing goggles too make sure that no harmful chemicals can get into our eyes.

Fair test: A fair test is when the whole test is carryed equally. In our test we had to make sure that we used the same amount of water and the same temp of water we had to also have the same length of material and it had to cover the same width of the tin.


Convection is the flow of heat a hot region to a cool region, as opposed to the microscopic transfer of heat between atoms involved with conduction. Suppose we consider heating up a local region of air. As this air heats, the molecules spread out, causing this region to become less dense than the surrounding, unheated air. For...