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InsulinDiabetes is a very common disease these days. Millions of people around the world have diabetes. But thanks a group of inventers, people can now treat their diabetes. When we eat, our bodies break food down into organic compounds, one of which is glucose. The cells of our bodies use glucose as a source of energy for movement, growth, repair, and other functions. But before the cells can use glucose, it must move from the bloodstream into the individual cells. This process requires a hormone called insulin. Without insulin the body can't absorb sugar and starch from the bloodstream. Without the glucose and starch your cells can't function and would simply die. When people suffer from diabetes, they have an illness that causes their pancreas to stop producing insulin.

In 1921 over a million people in North America had diabetes, no one knew what caused it or how to cure it and thousands would die because of the illness.

In the summer of 1921 in Toronto, Ontario Fredrick Banting and Charles best with the help of JB Collip and JRR Macleod invented insulin. These people were former medical students in Ontario.

Fredrick Banting in 1920 was working with the University of Western Ontario; there he learned about a technique that isolates the anti-diabetic component of a pancreas. He went back to the University of Toronto in the 1921 where he performed test on the pancreas with the help of JRR Macleod. In the summer of 1921 Fredrick Banting and Charles Best isolated insulin from an animal. JB Collip refined the insulin for better performance. So for their outstanding work in medicine Fredrick Banting and JR Macleod won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their invention.

To clear things up what Banting and Best did was that they separated the...