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January 24, 2009Business: Wizards AtticMission StatementThe Wizards Attic is committed to providing a business of employee growth and development so that we can provide every person a unique, entertaining dining, drinking experience in a fun and casual atmosphere delivered by attractive, vivacious knowledgeable servers while making positive contributions to the communities in which we live. Also we stay with an old Irish Motto "You are only a stranger once".

VisionThe vision of the Wizards Attic is to offer a comfortable, peaceful, relaxing atmosphere to the community, where all people will feel at home. The Wizards Attic will become a company with values and principles that employees can be proud of. This can be accomplished by giving back to the community by supporting causes that are important to the customers. The Wizards Attic can serve the community by helping to provide financial and volunteer support to charitable and community-focused organizations, and by providing opportunities for customers and associates to give back as well.

. ValuesA value-oriented culture will place emphasis on different cultures, incorporating different cultural experiences into the setting. The Wizards Attic will have an Irish style culture, offering drinks and food from the Irish culture, art work from a local artist, and hand made tote bags that are "eco-friendly." At the Wizards Attic integrity and honesty will be placed above all else. A value-oriented culture will be maintained where people enjoy working. At The Wizards Attic each person will maintain accountability and responsibility for his or her actions, and treat each other fairly and with mutual respect.

Employees, as well as management, will be held accountable for their actions. The Wizards Attic will be a "practice what you preach" atmosphere, where each person will be treated fairly and with the utmost respect. It is important for a company...