An Integrated Social Marketing Plan developed for the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service

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An Integrated Social Marketing Plan developed for

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service

To raise the level of Awareness among the Inmate

Population about

The benefits of the Correctional Educational Programme

Christopher Chinapoo

Henley MBA. Marketing Management

Table of Contents


The Assignment Brief

Executive Summary

Aim and structure of paper

Organizational overview

Where are we now (Part I)

2.1The Macro Environment

.2.2 The Micro Environment

.3 Customer analysis

.4 Segmentation

.5 Competitors

.6 Internal Marketing Audit

7 SWOT analysis

Where do we want to be Part (II)

Marketing assumptions, risks and forecast

Marketing Objectives

Marketing strategies

Segmentation targeting and positioning


Internal Marketing Initiative

Product Life cycle

Marketing mix strategies

How do we get there (Part (III)

Marketing programmes

Promotional campaign

Communication objectives

5.Monitoring, control and Evaluation

6. Contingencies

7. Conclusion




Executive Summary

Trinidad and Tobago has, over the last five years, witnessed a spiraling increase in the rise of violent crime, which continues to have a serious impact on all aspects of life in the society, despite the continued improvement in the country's economic fortunes.

In 2000 a Cabinet appointed Task Force on Crime, in its deliberations, found that a very high percent of the crimes committed were by repeat offenders. The Task Force recommended fundamental reforms for the Criminal Justice System, and in particular, the Prisons Services, which, up to this time, was the most neglected arm of the Criminal Justice System. The neglect of the system was reflected externally, by public apathy and disillusionment of internal customers. These recommendations were part of an overarching philosophical perspective of Restorative Justice, a radical departure from previously tried and obviously discounted models of sentencing offenders. Specific and critical to the Prisons' approach is the utilization of 'Correctional Educational Programmes' (CEP), geared towards preparing inmates for...