Integrating Google with DoubleClick

Essay by Krezay December 2008

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The integration plan is possibly the most important part of Google's acquisition of DoubleClick. This is due to the fact that Google's success in exploiting the desirable competencies of DoubleClick, hinges on their ability to maintain key individuals and cultural norms at DoubleClick. It is important for Google to define executive leadership roles to usher the acquisition process to a successful completion. Google must also carefully consider and maintain key integration strategies throughout the process. For example, HR concerns such as communication, cultural integration, and human capital are essential for success. Likewise, operational considerations such as metrics to evaluate the integration process are vital to keep the integration process on track. Finally, executive considerations such as the integration strategy and project management will ensure the process is well coordinated.

Pre Integration ConcernsAs with all transactions of this size and scope, a proposed acquisition of DoubleClick will face a review by the Federal Trade Commission and European Commission.

Google should expect a significant level of scrutiny for a number of reasons including: a) the large size (in dollar value) of the transaction, b) the extremely competitive nature of the industry, c) the media attention paid to the transaction as a result Google's strong brand and d) the fact that both Google and DoubleClick operate in the general online advertising industry could raise concerns regarding monopolistic activity. Also, since the combined entity will have access to a tremendous amount of consumer data, privacy concerns should be expected . Fortunately, most in the industry agree that Google has a "pretty strong record on protecting privacy rights. "In order to mitigate the pre-integration concerns related to FTC & EC approval, Google should begin a proactive communication campaign. This campaign should consistently and clearly petition the benefits of the combined merger such...