Integration Paper: What Makes Me Who I Am

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The lens through which I see the world is greatly affected by my deep rooting in God. Believing in a power greater than mere humanity allows me to live for something more than myself. I am able to find purpose in throwing myself away for love of a broken world, because I see that reflected in the life that Jesus lived. Because God is so much more than our minds are able to comprehend, the person of Christ is a tangible reflection of what a life seeped in God looks like. I am able to try on stumbling feet, to follow the example left by Jesus. This view of the world allows me to see holiness on all levels, for everything is seeped with power and meaning. In understanding that God has created humanity in the image of the divine, I am able to try and see behind the eyes of each person, the eyes of my savior.

It makes me understand that we are all connected, and that when one suffers I suffer, when one has joy I share in their joy. My world view, my purpose, my meaning for life is rooted in the idea that we were created for more than what this "world" has to offer. I believe in giving of your life to try and be Christ wrapped in flesh to a broken world. I believe that people will know we are followers of God by the love we have for one another, and how that is in turn evident by our fruits. This view drives my life, because I believe that there is truly no other way to live, no other way to be fulfilled, no other way to make the best of this one fleeting and precious life we have.

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