Intelligence: nature or education?

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Parents always want their children to be smart. But if they try everything they can, will their kids be as clever as they expect? People believe that it all comes down to nurture that decides one is whether smart or not. However, for some reason, nature is the most significant factor.

Firstly, intelligence is hereditary. People's brain quality depends on genetic material that passed on them by their ancestors that result in one's intelligence. It's clear to see that parents and their kids are usually good at the same aspects such as communication, math or social work, etc.

Secondly, people with different races are at the different levels of intelligence. Different races means different genomes, which leads to disparate abilities of metal process. For instance, despite of working in the same environment, Asian students at Western school seems to perform better than others. Or more noticeably, most of the geniuses and the Nobel winners are Jewish.

Finally, geniuses are usually the ones that have the less advantage of the human community. They are always the distinctive ones, stay away from publicity, have less education than others, think different, but are the smartest. For example, Bill Gates dropped out of school early but still succeed or no one would deny that genius Einstein was crazy.

Opponents of natural intelligence may say that outside factors can enhance one's intelligence. It is right but researches has shown that there is no evidence to indicate that environment can increase intelligence more than 15%. And nurture factors are more likely to degrade rather than enhance one's intelligence.

In conclusion, people are born with their intelligence. It is their origins that make them brilliant or not. Therefore, intelligence is not something people can force. What should be done is just to let it grow on its...