Intelligent Design Versus Evolution

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Teaching intelligent design or creationism in public schools has been a

controversial subject for the past century in the United States. Many people believe that

only the evolution theory should be taught. Intelligent design should not be taught in

public schools because it is not based on evidence. Learning creationism in school will

break the law, harm science and harm students learning about science.

Teaching intelligent design in public schools will break the law. The first

amendment states that Congress is prohibited to make any law respecting an

establishment of religion; therefore, you cannot teach creationism in schools. There have

been many cases of schools breaking laws in order to teach creationism; if the schools

don't want to break the law then they shouldn't teach intelligent design to their students.

Intelligent shouldn't be taught in public schools because it is religious and is not

practical for daily life. Intelligent design is the belief that a supernatural intelligence has

created the universe and humankind. The definition of evolution is that a developmental

process in which an organ or organism becomes more and more complex by

differentiation of its parts. Evidence has shown that an animal that has stronger genes to

survive in their environment can live longer than other animals that don't have the genes.

After a while, the animals that lived on will sometimes develop certain characteristics on

their bodies, which could make it easier and better for fitting to their environment.

Intelligent design is only a belief that the world today was created for a reason and

everything that we see was designed for a purpose. Most schools today only teach the

evolution theory which makes it more practical for daily life. Most people also believe

the evolution theory. The US News and World Report has made a...