Intense innovation of the 15th century

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Intense innovation of the 15th century

"The 15th century was a period of intense exploration and innovation for painters, sculptors, and , architects." -Brian Mate 1997

The 15th century, was a time of restructuring,... a time of revolutionary thought,

and like other periods of mental restructuring, the world would never be the same again. In

this paper, I would like to show how mental restructuring , within the general population

and the art world, provided a new outlet for artist's and architects

In art, painters were starting to command an understanding of linear perspective,

the process of geometric relation in space on paper. Using these linear techniques,

painters were able to create stunningly realistic paintings and pictures that provided depth

and added realism to their work. The period was also a time where artists suddenly had

more freedom to create what they wanted to, rather than always being commisioned by the

church. Vivid colors, as well as a more creative movement towards individual style

developed. Painter's, as well as other artists, suddenly started moving in different directions

creatively giving way to a whole new world that included variety ,as well as, a new found

creativity. People in general developed a sense of splendor,more lively and seemed to try

to incorporate this into daily living as well as, art and architecture. With the general

population growing more educated and intelligent, artist's and the like, started to create

more intellectual forms of communication. It is at this time period that many of the

modern greats were founded, such as Michaelangelo or Leanardo Da Vinci.

The architecture of the period made a move from the more practical, sturdy

romanesque styles, to gothic styles which engaged high plumed towers and spires.

Contructions became more delicate looking, thin and high, making support walls...