Intent And Application Of Political Systems

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Intent and Application The purpose of this essay is to explore the view of the individual by three differing political systems by looking at a major country of each that holds the ideals of the system. I will also explore the differences in philosophy and application of that philosophy as it concerns the view of the individual. A contrasting viewpoint is represented by each system as well as a contrasting treatment of the individual in each system between the ideals and application.

(In the section on democracy I am speaking of democracy in the modern sense) Fascism (Italy 1922-1945) " A government by which the people are an instrument of the ruling power." This is one of the many, more or less generic definitions of fascism. This alone shows the total dissolution of individuality that is instituted in fascism. The term fascism is commonly related to Italy from 1922-1945. This is the cornerstone fascist state by which all other states holding fascist ideals are often evaluated.

Mussolini was the dictator of Italy during this period and is famous for his partnership with Hitler Germany during world war two. "The real drive of fascism was in the building of instruments of power." The use of the men of the country to evolve the country into a power or instrument of war is the motive of fascism and therefore makes it lacking of the beliefs of liberty. The individual is simply a tool, who, while having value, has no rights of his own. The idea of patriotism is the cornerstone of fascism- the good of the state is the good of the people. Fascism is "breed on revolutionary aspirations of working classes and the extremism of patriotism"¦" Also, fascism puts neither its faith nor its priority in the individual.

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