Inter-Racial Marriages

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Inter-Racial Marriages Many marriages in today's society are problematic. This is the reason why we have such a high divorce rate in Canada. Although studies have shown, inter-racial marriages are more likely to fall apart, for they present greater difficulties than regular ones.

Out of all the difficulties that arise in an inter-racial relationship I would have to say that a cultural barrier is viewed to be the most hard to deal with. For example, if a Middle Eastern woman married an American, they would have to have two marriage ceremonies and be able to cope with two different lifestyles. The woman would have to maintain her most valuable traditions while trying to adapt to her husband's casual way of living; a very difficult process for the two cultures seem to be incompatible with each other.

Many more troubles would be just around the corner if the couple decided to have a child.

Should then the child be raised an American, for it was born on American soils or should it be raised according to its mother's traditions? One benefit of such an inter-racial marriage is that the child would be able to understand two backgrounds and therefore be classified as multicultural.

To deal with such cultural clashes, the partners should help each other understand their differences. This is why it is said that communication is the key to a happy relationship.

Another complication that might arise in an inter-racial relationship is that of religious discrepancies. If two individuals have two separate beliefs it is wise to respect one's partner's and even celebrate it along with him/her. I know a couple in which the husband is Buddhist and the wife is Roman Catholic. Even though that she believes in God and he believes in Buddha, they celebrate the two...