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Abby Bazezew

Ms. Peterson

Composition Honors

1 June 2012

` Interacting with Dancing

What does dancing mean to me? It's a wonderful feeling inside that is just so unexplainable. I feel as if you would have to be a dancer to know how I feel to be real passionate about something to understand this accomplished loving feeling I have towards it. Dancing is something I can surely be confident about because I feel that I have sort of a gift; I can do multiple types of dances just takes me a little time to learn. This makes me love it even more than I already do. When you have been doing a hobby ever since you were younger you slowly but surely fall in love with it.

When I do my dancing movements I feel as if I own the spotlight and I can do whatever it is to shine! Any type of dancing no matter what I can connect with it; whether it's hip hop, jazz, ballet, even a cultural dance from foreign countries, I can do it all.

I have been dancing ever since I was five. It began with the wonders of ballet, cute little tutus and bows in my hair. Being a five year old, that is what I fell in love for these things, but as time progressed I became a true dancer and fell in love with the feeling when I am on stage performing or when practicing a new dance and being so astonished and ecstatic that I got it mastered.

No matter what the case is I always have that amazing feeling for dancing and want to learn more and more. It's just like when you're in love with someone you will always want them to love you even more than they...