The interaction of ideologies

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North American society has been changing in its social and economic spectrums over the past two decades. In turn, the current political ideological viewpoints of liberalism, in order to compensate for these changes have digressed toward those of the eighteenth century scholars John Locke and John Stuart Mill. Reform liberalism, the popular political ideology at that time, was an insufficient majority in the 2003 provincial elections.

While it may not seem so, Libertarianism, Neo-Liberalism, compassionate Conservatism and Progressivism share one thing in common. All four seek the means to find a "Just Society" in which this nation can benefit economically and socially. Libertarianism emphasizes responsibility as a working citizen, so that every individual is able to fend for themselves, with no responsibility on the part of the government. This viewpoint, instead of helping the lower class, only makes matters worse.

Liberalism puts the individual and their place in society at the forefront, believing that each person is unique and possesses specific talents and abilities.

Each person therefore has a critical part in the community, and to interfere with this natural process of self-advancement causes the degradation and weakening of society. The seeds of Liberalism can be traced back to the writings of the 17th century British philosopher John Locke, the father of classic Liberalism. Locke, having witnessed the anarchy of the English civil war and the excessive use of power by both Charles I and Cromwell, set out to find a workable balance. He sought to increase the power of the people by limiting the power of the government, and he believed that everyone is born with certain inalienable and universal rights that need to be protected. He believed that the government should be built with these rights as a foundation, thus restricting its power; and to make this government...