Interactions in bars are different all over, escpecially in the north.

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Interacting in Northern Bars

In northern Wisconsin, one would see interesting interactions compared to other areas of Wisconsin. From February 20 to the 21 2004, I spent most of my time snowmobiling and while in northern Wisconsin I found I had spent several hours in several bars. In this time, I recorded what interactions I noticed between couples, family and friends. The actual bars I observed include Bauer's Dam Resort located in Conover, Wisconsin and Michael's Italian Restaurant, which is located in Eagle River, Wisconsin. The last bar I observed was Brule River Tap in Nelma, Wisconsin. Each of these bars contained many snowmobilers due to the 12-inch snowstorm that hit northern Wisconsin on February 19, 2004. While observing the interactions I found that people are more trusting of people here and people find it acceptable for younger teens to enjoy the bar seen. However, I found that some interactions are similar to bars in other parts of Wisconsin.

First, people in upper Wisconsin have faith in the good will of people.

Unlike many areas of Wisconsin, the people of the upper portion of the state have a different view. While at the bar I observed many people leave things out that could have been stolen, but there is little crime there. While sitting at the bar, many people leave their money out on the bar. The money lies on the bar if they are assembled in front of it or if they go to the bathroom and leave it there with no one guarding their money. It seems as though they have more trust in people and believe no one would take it. It could also be that there is less crime in the area so it is not as much of a risk in leaving it alone.