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InterClean is one of the leading sanitation cleaning and solution's companies in an 8 billion dollar industry. The situation that is evolving now is the change in customer preference. Customers no longer want mediocre products that just clean and kill germs; these customers want solutions and services that will modernize their cleaning efforts and comply with rigorous changes in environmental safety. The profitability of the company depends on fulfilling the rising demands of customers. To keep up with the needs of customers InterClean wants to transform its business to provide solutions/services with the highest quality products and services to its customers. This paper will provide benchmarking data to support decisions made by InterClean management.

Benchmarking Company: BP AmocoTopic: Change Management / Transformational LeadershipBy Carlos DiazAfter reviewing the InterClean company overview in the given scenario, we examined the critical issues that the company was faced with, and the important decision making that would turn around the future outlook of the company.

Their industry was changing rapidly; keeping up with the change would be instrumental for the organization's success. The new strategies they would implement would spurt growth and allow them to be competitive again; the development of a two-pronged aggressive approach would bring these plans into fruition. First, they would realize growth if they created alliances, and partnership with EnviroTech. Second, by implementing cost-cutting measures they will reduce operating costs and improve profitability which will allow for maximum efforts concentrated on expanding the business globally. For BP Amoco, the mass production of the automobiles spurred mass construction of gasoline servicing facilities, with all the major oil companies staking a claim on some corner of the fledgling consumer market. Small family-run franchises were the norm and remained the mainstay of the market in remote areas well into the 1970s.

BP Amoco is...