InterClean Generic Benchmarking

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InterClean Generic Benchmarking

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InterClean Generic Benchmarking

In order for InterClean to become a successful company careful strategy and research methods were used to obtain their goals. Collectively Learning Team A has benchmarked a total of 10 companies to analyze and synthesis key findings of the course concepts. First this paper will show these different aspects in retrospect to the vision David Spencer has for InterClean. We will show how organization structure, strategy, and recruiting selection alternatives played a key role in the day-to-day operations.

Second, explain the human capital development with regard to skill sets and gap analysis. It will take into effect how the training and development alternatives were used. Furthermore, it will show human resources management implications of going global and show the difference between International Human Resources versus Domestic Resource Management.

Finally, explain the challenges and opportunities of Multinational Cultural Diversity with Affirmative Action.

Organizational Structure with Strategy

For the success of any manager or leader, he or she possesses the right set of skills demanded by the ever-changing marketplace. The ability to improve business comes about through people. If the business strategy is well thought-out, and people are committed, it can be effectively executed in achieving the organization's goals.

In these times of acquisitions and mergers, an organization aligns the new structure with its new strategy and vision, team development, and involving the employees in organizational learning. These new structures are very important for an organization when implementing new strategies to include human resources within its initial planning stage. Strategy implementation depends upon how the company aligns itself with its strategy.

According to Dreher and Dougherty, (2001, p. 4), companies must be able to recognize opportunities to improve...