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Career Development Part II

University of Phoenix

HRM 531

to: Team Employees


subject: Career development part II

date: March 6, 2010

cc: Jim martin, tom gonzalez, eric borden, terry garcia, susan burnt, ving hsu

New Training and Mentoring Needs

All team employees who were chosen will be directed to attend an orientation to present their new position, title, and provide performance goals for the newly merged organizations InterClean and EnviroTech. Team members will then discuss the goals of the two merged companies, along with the procedures and operations of production and sales, a review of the corporate history, the products and services, employee reference system and an organizational chart that can be reviewed by everyone.

Subsequently, each team member will need to review carefully our policies, procedures, and benefits. The employee handbook has been completely modified, so I recommend everyone to reflect upon the new objectives and future goals.

For our company to achieve excellence in customer service, I advise everyone in the team to provide his or her input and experience for our new company. Committing to a strong customer service will lead our organization to success and serve our company well in the future. This not only applies to health care organizations but also to any of our other clients. I advise everyone to attend training sessions and review the latest success trends and coaching because through excellent customer service we will prove a strong commitment to our clientele.

To be competitive in our industry, our organization must separate itself from the rest of the competitors by being innovative. For instance, we need to promote biodegradable products and environmentally-friendly products to protect the future of the planet, what is also known as...