InterClean Merger Career Development Plan Part II Development of a Training and Mentoring Program Bryan Miller University of Phoenix

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Career Development Plan Part IIDevelopment of a Training and Mentoring ProgramBryan MillerUniversity of PhoenixNew Training and Mentoring NeedsAll team members will attend a general orientation detailing the direction and goals of the company after the merger. We will assign new e-mail addresses along with computer work stations for everyone and introduce the new company logo as an optional screensaver. We will then provide an overview of operations and sales expectations to include a review of corporate history and our organizational chart, a discussion of products and services, and an overview of the facility reference system available for use by everyone.

After information about everyone's position is provided and how they fit into our structure, each employee will be given a clear outline of their job description, title and performance goals with appropriate benchmarks.

Then we will need to carefully review all of our policies and benefits. Each team member will receive information about InterCleans policies, procedures, and benefits in the new handbook.

The employee handbook has been completely revised and is a good source of the information reflecting InterCleans new ambitions and future goals. The need to review routine policies such as sexual harassment, drug and alcohol use, and general safety is recognized and will be quickly covered and appropriate paperwork handed out for completion by the end of day three. Additionally, if the employee will be participating in our health insurance plan, COBRA notices will be provided to the employee, and any covered spouse, explaining coverage rights under the law.

The team members all have different ideas of customer service and need to be more standardized. A strong commitment to customer service will serve us well in the future. Success with new healthcare contracts for packaged cleaning and sanitization service will be in long-term relationships and retaining customer contracts...