InterClean Merger Career Development Plan Part IV- Compensation

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New Compensation PlanThe merger of InterClean and EnvirTech has resulted in a new InterClean that reflects different priorities. Our strategic focus for the future requires a new commitment to customer service and developing long-term relationships. The retention of customer contracts through exemplary customer service year after year will be the key to building our new strategic platform for future success. A second strategic change will be the focus on environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. These two priorities together will allow us to stay ahead of industry standards and separate ourselves from the competition. The commitment to protecting the future of our planet through promoting environmentally friendly products and services along with a dedication to customer satisfaction and long-term relationships has created a new general business strategy that reflects value and cultural responsibility.

Now that InterClean has changed the focus and direction for future success, the time has come to provide a total rewards system that is tied to our new objectives.

It should reflect the value of our employees through a valuable compensation system and benefits package. The new rewards program should include the following with minor adjustments to address years of service issues that may arise.

All sales representatives will be paid straight commission on the actual gross sales. Commission will be paid at 6%. Residual monthly commission will be paid at 0.5% for 12 months. This is simple to calculate and excellent sale people will meet their set goals.

Team sale representatives who are in a training position will be compensated for each monthly training seminar performed. The choice between a cash bonus incentive and stock options of equal value may be selected.

Sales representatives who hold a training position will be compensated for each monthly training seminar performed. They may choose from a cash bonus incentive or...