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InterClean Training NeedsInterclean is facing a new challenge as they enter a new strategy and new market. They have always been able to fill gaps and sell products in certain areas, but as they move towards a full solution provider, they will encounter a new internal need as far as personnel and training. The acquisition of Envirotech will help ease some of these needs, but with the plans for expansion and target markets, training and workforce enhancement will become necessary.

Interclean has started in the right direction by taking a skills inventory of current employees. This inventory will help see what skills they posses as they match them with the current need. Training will be an integral part of the current workforce. Unfortunately, from the inventories taken in attachment A (University of Phoenix, 2007), the current workforce does not rank very high in many of the areas needed to make the new vision happen.

In addition, it appears that the ability of the current workforce to attain these skills is below average. On the bright side, the Envirotech employees assessment in attachment B (University of Phoenix, 2007), were a complete opposite. Not only do many of them currently possess the skills currently needed, they also scored above average in the aptitude to learn any skills they are lacking.

This creates a major dilemma as to what training will be needed. One major factor in this whole process is that the vision of the company involves creating teams to provide the solution which will help ease the differences in the two companies as the workforce is combined. This will enable Interclean to match experts and leaders with the portion of the workforce that do not possess the leadership and expertise.

Interclean is concerned about the cost of training, but training and...