Intercultural Activity

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A cultural activity that I have engaged in this semester is getting used at my new job at Sears in Monroe. I am experiencing working with different ethnic diversities in the workplace, hearing differences of opinions regarding religion, and working around people with different beliefs and communication styles. Most people of my culture, which is African-American, have not experienced these thing at this day and time and have been able to deal with it.

The different ethnic diversities that I am working around are Caucasian, Mexican, and of course other African Americans. Of these different ethnic categories, most of the people that I work around are Caucasian. It is hard to work around mostly Caucasians because I have to act differently in ways that they will not feel as if I am acting unprofessional on the job. I want to be my self but it is hard because accepting criticism from people that you have to work around that are from different cultural backgrounds tends to make me want to try to fit in and not act the way that I would around other African Americans. There is also a difference in the music that certain people at my job listens to. I enjoy all types of music and I have no problem with what others prefer, but it is so hard having to defend my self to people because of some of the words to the songs of the hip hop culture. It is not like I agree with it all, but I do not think that a certain culture should be judged just because 50 Cent (rapper) said some thing negative about a woman or even another race. I know how to act at work, its just that I would like to be accepted more as...