Intercultural communication- comparing sydney suburbs Double Bay and Auburn

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The Sydney suburbs of Auburn and Double Bay are different societies culturally, economically, racially and this was easily seen in a comparison between the two.

The most obvious differences between the two suburbs are found through cultural observations. Auburn City Council's slogan is "many cultures, one community" and the reason for this is immediately evident when walking down the suburbs main street. Shops line the street selling foods and products from many different cultures, the main being Australian, Turkish, Arabic and Asian. Young Muslim families wonder up the street, a considerable number of mothers, daughters and women wearing the hijab and in conservative clothing. This is a sight not to be seen in Double Bay as the main street is lined with modern Australian shops and all signs are in English. The strong majority of people are of Anglo-Saxon decent and those who are not come from far western European countries such as Italy and France and all are dressed in what is considered to be 'fashionable' clothing

The shops of the two main streets were amazingly different.

Whilst Auburn Street contained many discount and variety shops combined with fresh fruit markets and kebab shops, Double Bays' main street is made up of expensive looking clothing shops and sit down cafés. Auburn shopping village contains a Coles, shoe repairs, fruit market and discount clothes shops. One of the many shopping villages of Double bay contains a Japanese restaurant, lingerie shop, boutiques and an expensive dolls shop.

Auburn Street is more practical for a family orientated society, with the necessities being the basis of stock and cheap food, clothes and personal items easily at hand. Most of the shops are family run and there are innumerable numbers of young families. The street is crowded and busy with large groups...