Intercultural Communication Paper

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Intercultural Communication Paper

In this paper, I will summarize and evaluate Hofstede's published research in 1996: Gender stereotypes and partner preferences of Asian women in masculine and feminine cultures.

In his research, Hofstede (1996) demonstrated the high significance of Masculinity versus Femininity (Mas/Fem), as one of the five cultural dimensions. According to Fred E. Jandt (2012), "The masculinity- femininity dimension describes how a culture's dominant values are assertive or nurturing." Besides Mas/Fem, the rest of the dimensions are: Individualism versus Collectivism (Ind/Col), Power Distance (PDI), Uncertainty Avoidance (UAI), and Long-Term versus Short-Term Orientation. Hofstede (1996) believed that some studies were often mistakenly to be correlated with Ind/Col when it should have been with Mas/Fem. He employed some past researches from the Culture's Consequences to legitimately indicate a significant statistical correlation between the Mas/Fem dimension and those studies and so consequently indicated the significance of the Mas/Fem dimension and the situation of its insufficient studying.

After briefly while clearly introducing and explaining his perspectives, he developed a more concentrated topic to study on and at the same time analyzed it mainly with the application of the Masculinity Index (MAS). The author, who had set up the theme for his study as 'Gender Stereotypes and Partner Preferences of Asian Women in Masculine and Feminine Cultures', chose to use secondary research method rather than the primary one to work with in his study.

Two studies were majorly referenced and analyzed in this study, they were Asian Women Now (Wacoal Corporation, 1993), and a combination of two studies from Williams and Best (1982&1990). In fact, the Asian Women Now (1993) was a market research by Wacoal, a Japanese underwear manufacturing corporation, and the purpose of which was business related. The survey was taken...