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Matthew Castiglia

Professor Molchany

Speech Communication

24 February 2013

Intercultural Essay

Communication is the intentional or accidental transfer of meaning. One can not stop communicating, it is impossible. Even if one thinks they stopped communicating, they are most likely doing so non verbally. Therefore, in today's world, intercultural communication is key. In doing so, you understand another culture by how they act, communicate and a view from their perspective. Understanding another culture will prevent problems and will even just make a conversation run smoothly. Understanding another culture is crucial in communications. One must learn the culture before interacting with a different cultural group. In this interview I will be understanding the Italian culture.

Greeting someone is a daily skill one needs to master. That perfect hand shake could land you a job. A greeting can tell a lot about a person. A strong handshake will tell another person that you are present and that particular greeting is important.

In my friends Italian culture a greeting depends on the type of person you are meeting. If you are meeting someone for a business reason there will be a firm handshake to greet someone. Friends and family usually kiss on give hugs. The kiss on the check followed by a hug is done by male to female, or female to female. Male to male greetings are usually a firm handshake. However if the two people are closer the handshake will usually be followed by a hug. Greetings are an important and are used often for holiday's.

Holiday's play an important role in Culture's. Everyone celebrates holiday's a little bit different then someone else. For all holidays my friends culture involves having the whole family together. Brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. For whatever holiday it...