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Hello. My name is Samuel Grismore and I plan to interview someone from a distant culture than my own. My purpose for this interview is enlighten myself and you, the audience on my and the interviewees cultural differences as well as similarities, any problems that may arise between our cultures and potential approaches to solving them. It is important first to examine culture. Culture is such a broad subject, yet the true meaning of this word eludes many people, including myself, prior to this interview. Culture is a system of shared beliefs, values, customs and behaviors, rituals and stories that members of a group use to cope with other groups, individuals and their world or worlds. Now that you have an understanding of culture; I would now like to introduce you to my cohort, who graciously agreed to help me with my interview. Her name is Stella Karas, she is a twenty-five year old entreprenuer and was born in New York in the summer of 1979 to an young Greek/ Puerto Rican couple.

Shortly thereafter they moved to Australia to be closer to family. A deep desire burned inside Ms. Karas to return to the states, she finally got her chance at the age of 17 when her cousin from New York invited her to stay. Which turned out to be short lived, she eventually returned to Australia two years later when her uncle died. She currently runs the family business she inherited from her now deceased uncle.

Doing this interview has been a very rewarding and fulfilling learning experience for me. I would have never thought someone from such a different background could have so many things in common with me, culturally. Of the many facets of culture, our beliefs sticks out as having the most notable resemblance, particularly...