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Interpersonal Relationship 1


Interpersonal Relationship


Interpersonal Relationships

There are several different facets to an interpersonal relationship including attraction, intimacy, and aggression. Before delving into the different facets of an interpersonal relationship first one must understand what exactly an interpersonal relationship is. After a clear understanding of interpersonal relationships has been established the concepts of familiarity, similarity and reciprocity as they relate to attraction will be discussed. This paper will also give the reader a better understanding of interpersonal relationships the concepts of interdependence, attachment and belonging as they relate to intimacy will be discussed as well as the cognitive theories as they relate to aggression and antisocial behavior. The purpose of this paper is to give the reader a better understanding of an interpersonal relationship and the many different facets that go with interpersonal relationships.

Interpersonal Relationships


Attraction is the foundation of what draws us to one another.

Attraction will typically involve elements that are self-enhancing and provide understanding (Fiske, 2010). Although attraction can seem simple, there are reasons behind why some persons are attracted to others and why some are not. Three contributors to attraction; familiarity, similarity, and reciprocity can shed light on these questions.

There is a saying in the field of psychology, which is, you are your own best historian. Familiarity considers how knowing another individual can bring about a closeness, and attraction that seems as natural as knowing ourselves. The more a person is exposed to another, the more familiar they become. Scientists supports that familiarity produces feelings of safeness and predictability (Fiske, 2010), which creates and encourages the attraction. Familiarity is enhanced through proximity and exposure, thus enhancing the attraction. Think about the people you work with or see on a daily basis. Your neighbors, your co-workers, your...