Interdisciplinary Studies Reflection

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What I have learned with this degree and how I will integrate my previous learning with my new found knowledge?If I had read the definition for Interdisciplinary studies according to Wikipedia before I began the IDS program at Marian, I would have not had the same understanding as I do when I read it today.

Wikipedia defines Interdisciplinary studies as an education about choice. Interdisciplinary combines interests that allow students to make discoveries and connections rarely possible in the narrower confines of a single-subject major. Interdisciplinary as the term is most often used in education when two or more disciplines bring together information. an unpredictable and changing world, interdisciplinary study encourages students to choose new areas for personal study and to become independent, life-long learners who have learned not only how to learn but also how to assess and value their own thinking, imagination, and ingenuity in decision-making situations.

The flexibility provides a rich education; it fosters opportunities for students to experience those profound "aha" moments that anchor past, present and future learning. Our world is increasingly interconnected and interdependent. New areas of study develop to advance human knowledge and respond to the challenges of our changing world with insight and innovation. Interdisciplinary skills can focus on issues related to the research process, information management, collaboration, creative thinking, and forms of analysis, interpretation, and evaluation. I believe students with these well-developed information studies skills and knowledge have increased marketability in a variety of careers. In interdisciplinary studies courses, skills of effective team building, leadership, and collaborative decision making are developed and enhanced.

With this degree I have opened various doors to my life which I had not expected. Growing up I was told college was not necessary. Real life experience is what counted. Today, I believe real life experiences...