Interfaith Dialogue

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"Who is a true Hero?"

During the twenty-first century nations are engaged in the globalization process of increasing diversity and internalization. This century has experienced high levels of violence based on religion and culture. Societies are finding themselves increasingly engaged in conflicts grounded in religious diversity. Catholics, Jews and Muslims and peoples of all religion are called to participate in an order to ensure that the name of God is not used for destructive purposes.

Religions, their representatives and institutions have been held to a higher degree of social responsibility within their communities. They require taking part in a dialogue that will build a bridge between conflict and religion. Interfaith dialogue involves a reciprocal learning and understanding of each other, whether between Muslims, Jews or Catholics, etc. This involves a dynamic participation by each individual in the dynamic of interfaith dialogue. Furthermore, interfaith dialogue has a tremendous power to influence individuals and societies around the world.

When does interfaith dialogue begin? I believe interfaith dialogue begins when those who want to reform the world, reform themselves.

Now, the question is what changes individuals need to make in order to create an interfaith dialogue? We need to transform our religious beliefs in order to promote open and interactive dialogues that create flexible agreements and understanding of the diversity of our faiths and beliefs. We need to modify our beliefs that our religion is the only one to be held true. We require understanding that is diverse in ways that relate to god.

Catholicism, Judaism, Islam etc... promote values of love, respect, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, human rights, peace, brotherhood, and freedom instead of violence. There are many common points for dialogue among Muslims, Christians, and Jews who take their religion seriously.

Around the world there are many groups representing diverse...