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Define the term interio r decoration

State reasons for interior decoration

State principles of interior decoration

List types of decoration and their use

Explain how to combine colours for given area

Select colour scheme for a given area


This is the art of making the interior of a building beatiful and comfortable .It involves consideration and application of principles in areas such as ,such Colour,Pattern, Texture, Lighting.


Aesthetics-to make a place beautiful and pleasant to look at.

Comfort - to make the place restful and homey

Make the place welcoming-appealingand pleasant

Functional-to give an area the right atmosphere for the activities that shuold take place int it


Interior decoration is achieved through the use and artistic combination of several elements.

Some of these elements may be considered under the following:-

Structural and decorative design- that make up the wall, floors and their coverings, windows and doors - these make up the basis of the decorational theme of a room.

Colour , Pattern and Texture :- alters or enhances the appearance of a room greatly .Their use or introduction in to a room must be carefully studied to give the right effect.

Lighting - it plays a key role in creating the right atmosphere within an area. Good lighting serves to enhance the appearance of the items in a room by making them visible.

Furniture and soft furnishings: - while functional, furniture also serves to introduce colour, pattern and texture into a room therefore contributing to the deco and comfort.

Accessories- these are the little touches that add up to the effectiveness in decorating. Interesting accessories could be in the form of wall hangings, Carvings, plants and flowers (Fresh, dry or artificial)

To effectively decorate a room the...