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Interior Design

Interior design is a service which involves much more than choosing a color palette or finding the perfect art piece. It is a methodical process that includes establishing a relationship with a prospective employer, extensive research, compilation of a portfolio for illustrative purposes, the presentation of proposed designs, contracting labor and supplies, overseeing progress from start to finish, and finally delivering the agreed upon design at the designated date. Many people are intimidated by the prospect of engaging an interior design professional. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of reluctant consumers agree that the hiring of a designer should seriously be considered because the results are a worthwhile investment.

Because of the popularity of design and home improvement programming on cable and network television such as HGTV and TLC, today's consumers are better equipped to engage the services of a professional designer whenever the opportunity presents itself. Consumers are more fluent in the language and etiquette of the design process, thus feeling more confident in their ability to tackle a design project in spite of its degree of difficulty.

They often view a designer as a consultant to help guide them in the right direction by lending a degree of expertise to the endeavor.

As soon as a client decides to retain the services of an interior designer, the first step is to discuss personal preferences such as color and styles, expectations of what the completed design will encompass, addressing budget concerns like securing financing, and finally inquiries regarding the designer's prior experience in short, a comprehensive

understanding of the roles of client and designer alike and hopefully establishing a good working rapport. The designer will subsequently embark on an extensive round of researching any available resources including but not limited to: design books, magazines, and the internet. In...