Interior Monologue for the Lord of the Flies

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Interior Monologue

This is really scary. I don't even really understand how we got here. I don't even know why we are here. It seems like we're on an island, but I don't think I'm going to have fun. I want to leave and go home because I'm scared. I'm with other boys my age, but we're all so small, I don't think we can do much. There must be older boys here too, but they probably won't even care about us. We're too young for them to care. They'll probably let us get lost. I'm scared.

All of a sudden, a really loud noise came. It sounded like a whistle my Daddy used to have. I hoped it was my Daddy, or a grown up, so then we'd be safe. We all went after it. I was eager to figure something out, I'm so confused and I am not having fun.

The other boys and I finally found where the whistle was coming from. It wasn't my dad, or anyone's dad. It was an older boy blowing in a shell. I wonder why he was doing it. There was another older boy with glasses beside him. I guess that they are in charge. Maybe they know more than us.

Okay, everything is clearer now. There is a bunch of us kids stuck on an island without any parents. It seems like it will be fun, I'm a little scared, but I think it'll be fine. The leader is the older boy with the shell, his name is Ralph. The other boy's name is Piggy! Everyone laughed when we heard that. It was very funny. There was also a boy's choir. Their leader is an older boy named Jack. He's a funny boy; he is very serious about his...