Interming Of Cultures

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Intermingling of Cultures A mix of cultures generally has a positive effect on society as a whole. We see the greatest cultural blending of this in America. Many beneficial things have come out of this. We as a society have also learned many new things, as well as were tolerable of other cultures and have solved many problems through this. It is just as Lisa Stanley says, "They have come from so far with so many hopes for this city, the possessors of the same brave American dream that all immigrants to American have dreamed." People from all around the world come to America to practice their religions freely, or just to be a free person in general. As a result of this, different cultures have shared many new ideas and things with us, as well as many other countries throughout the world. The most major things we have gotten through this blend of cultures have been food, technological advances, and human understanding.

With American food especially, we have pretty much taken all different ideas from other cultures and blended it into our own. I mean, what exactly defines American food? To me, all I can really think of is fast food like McDonalds or Burger King. Many people enjoy Chinese, Japanese, and Italian foods. We also recall that in earlier time, the Italians got pasta from the Chinese. If the Chinese didn't introduce pasta to the Italians, where would there foods be today? Would they of eventually realized how to make pasta? The answer is that we don't know, but once again it's a great effect of mixing cultures. I for one greatly appreciate the mixing of other cultures food, and I don't even remember the last time I ate "American" food.

2 The collaboration of people leads to...