internal and external factors

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Internal and External Factors

Samuel Rivera-Ruiz


October 13, 2014

Terry Shelton

Internal and External Factors Paper

Every organization can obtain benefit from keeping a structured management. Managers are those who are in charge of, or administrating, a specific task or group. This means that the manager is responsible for the results of that group. Out of the many responsibilities of managers, four basic functions are vital in order to perform effectively and efficiently. These basic functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. To become the subject of the discussion, AT&T will be used as the organization example and will be discussed in terms of the functions of management and about how internal and external factors affect this organization's operations.


Planning, as Bateman (2011) describes, is to make decisions regarding the specific goals that are going to be attained in order to maximize value, which is the monetary amount associated with the efficiency of an activity.

Using AT&T as example, their purchase of DIRECTV was one that was methodically planned, as it will definitely improve the value of the services provided to the customers. In this case, AT&T's prerogative to purchase the company was that the "internet and television markets have changed" and that a joint collaboration was needed to face this change (Brusten, 2014). Careful analysis of these statements reveal that AT&T is working to provide better video services, which is the content that is mostly transmitted by wireless data services, to its customers by acquiring a video service company.


Next of the functions is organization, which is roughly translated to coordinating resources to, again, maximize goal achievement. AT&T is using this merger with DIRECTV as an organized attempt to seize the maximum number of clients who subscribe to...