Internal/External Factors Affecting Management Planning

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Table of ContentsIntroduction4Internal/External Factors at Nationwide Insurance4Rapid Change4Technology5Innovation5Internal/External Factors at GTECH Corporation6Ethics6Diversity7Technology8Internal/External Factors at United Parcel Services8Globalization9Technology9Rapid Change9Internal/External Factors at US Airways10Diversity10Ethics10Technology11Internal/External Factors at City of Tustin11Rapid Change11Technology12E-Business13Internal/External Factors at TD BankNorth14Diversity14Rapid Change15Ethics15Conclusion16References17Companies are constantly expanding themselves through globalization and technological innovations. By doing so, management must find effective strategies in reaching a diverse and global market. Increased awareness of the vast differences in values takes consideration from management teams. Creating an organization that develops and increases knowledge of these ideals is a must in today's society. There are several ways internal and external factors affect the four functions of management. There are six internal and external factors that effect management rapid change, diversity, ethics, technology, e-business and innovation. Nationwide Insurance, GTECH Corporation, United Parcel Service, US Airways, City of Tustin and TD Banknorth are all affected by these factors.

Internal/External Factors at Nationwide InsuranceNationwide Insurance has been serving their policyholders for 75 years.

As with anything change is inevitable. Nationwide takes great satisfaction in the fact that the organization has been able to change with the times.

Rapid changeNationwide Insurance is one of the largest and most competitive insurance companies in the market. Nationwide is so competitive because they do not limit the company to dealing with only insurance. Nationwide Insurance is a large organization that has a variety of businesses within the organization. There is a Nationwide Bank, Nationwide Financial, Nationwide Property and Casualty and Nationwide General Insurance Company to name a few. The Nationwide organization recognizes a need for providing the best service possible to the policyholders which in motivates the company to keep up with other items being offered by competitors. This is also a driving factor in motivating the company to keep up with other items being offered by...