International and Domestic Marketing Comparison Paper

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International and Domestic Marketing Comparison Paper

University of Phoenix

MKT 450

Denny Frischkorn

May 2, 2010

International and Domestic Marketing Comparison Paper

The marketing environment consists of actors and forces outside the organization that affect management's ability to build and maintain relationships with their target customers, which also offers both opportunities and threats. Marketing environment includes microenvironment, actors close to the company that affect its ability to serve customers and macro-environment is societal forces that affect the microenvironment. The actors in marketing are the customers, public, suppliers, competitors, and marketing intermediaries. This paper will further discuss the comparison and contrast of marketing in India and in the United States. It will analyze the marketing environment of each country including cultural, political, legal, and economic influences.

In India, because of Globalization, the marketplace and the national economy are undergoing quick changes and transformation.

The subsequent growth of global trade and the international competition allows technology competitiveness as an important factor in the global marketplace. India is the second most populated country in the world, with nearly one billion people. It has a reasonably favorable pro-business environment that aims to attract multinational companies (MNCs). The massive market size and positive business climate, scores of American firms, which includes General Electric, General Motors, McDonald's, Kellogg's, and Microsoft, have recently entered the Indian market.

The technological environment includes factors and trends related to innovations that affect the development of new products or the marketing process. These technological trends can provide opportunities for new product development and affect how marketing activities are performed. As a result, the country has forged strong commercial interests with the United States, with trade and business relations across many industrial sectors. In fact,