International Budgeting

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The presentation I am going to present today is about international budgeting, before I am introducing details of different counties budgeting I am going to hand out the memory aid. By the end of the presentation, I hope you will accomplish some knowledge either throughout the speech or by the memory aid.

About Canada

In its short history, Canada has developed into a thoroughly modern, knowledge-based nation with world-class governance, corporations, culture and lifestyle. Canada is home to stunning natural attractions, and vast open spaces. With a strong commitment to education, the environment, and health care for all, Canadians look to the future with confidence and optimism.

Canadian Culture

Canada may be a young nation, but it has a rich history as a member of the global community -- one that's well worth discovering. The Canadians in the World Web site was created to help students learn about Canadian achievement in various areas, including international relations, business, culture and sports.

Long recognized for its natural beauty and vast territory, Canada is increasingly being recognized internationally for artistic and cultural achievements created right here at home.

Canadian cultural expression can be described in terms of the television shows and movies we watch and produce, the radio programs and music we broadcast and enjoy, as well as the books, magazines and newspapers that we publish and read. Through pictures, sounds and words, these communicate a uniquely Canadian perspective.

Canadian Dollars 2 Amount to be converts into US dollars instructions.

About Japan

Total population: 127,214,499 (2003 estimate)

Ethnic groups: 99% Japanese

Economic growth in 2002: 0.2%

Unemployment: 5.1% (overall fiscal 2003)

Currency: Yen & yen; JPY

Adulthood: 20

Biggest City: Tokyo

Driving: On the left

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Wettest month: June

Issues to Know

Trains are always on time. On the extremely rare...