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As the high speed development of computing and IT technologies, the whole world telecommunication is also developing with a high speed. On operating aspect, China Mobil, China Unicom and China telecommunication is getting more and more improvement as three biggest company, but at the aspect of equipment , a lot of companies such as Huawei and Zhongxing, they are going abroad step-by-step. The business of Huawei is comprehensive gradually, and the mark is improved gradually and it is keeping a fast development in the past few years. Therefore this article is going to regularly carry on the analysis about the handset market and marketing strategy of Huawei.

introductionOn the basis of analysis the internal environment of the telecommunication market and the own resources of Huawei, ,the thesis puts forward the strategy viewpoint that Huawei should concentrates resources and advantages to satisfy the particular consumer demand with professional products and service in partial district first with full consideration about advantagesdisadvantages, challenges and opportunities of Huaweiand thenextends to the other potential markets after Huawei obtains the partial advantage.

At the end, on the basis of the market choice and consumer subdividingthe thesis designs the combination marketing strategies of the product, price, channel, sales promotion and the brand strategies according to different characteristics of the target subdivided market ,which aims at providing the beneficial reference for Huawei succeeding to enter the International telecommunication market and getting great development in the future.

IntroductionHuawei was established in 1988 in Shenzhen, China, Huawei Technologies is a high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development (R&D), production and marketing of communications equipment, providing customized network solutions for telecom carriers in optical, fixed, mobile and data communications networks. Huawei is the biggest company of Telecommunication equipment in China and some of products are in the leading position in...